An idea we both wanted was to start working for ourselves and running our own business. The only question was: what and how?

Our Story

In our mid-twenties, graduates in Hospitality Management and Sociology of Law and Society respectively, we felt we had the world at our feet. After spending some time in the legal industry, Phillip transitioned to a service-focused role which connected him with people’s individuals stories and experiences. Whilst Karen was busy gaining a whole host of experience in restaurant management and taking a vibrant brand into multiple new locations.

It was a great combination of industry-specific skills, customer service, and excitement at the prospect of doing something together. All we needed was a spark of inspiration that brought everything together…

Our Bright Idea

As a young couple who love nothing more than enjoying great food with family and friends, opening a restaurant together was an obvious choice. We started brainstorming about the food, tastes, and flavors that we loved, and before we knew it, SushiMe Roll’n was born. 

We’ve been lucky enough to eat at some amazing places in our time together, so we tried to take a little bit of everything to create an experience unlike any other. There’s nothing more important to a restaurant than good vibes, great service, and amazing food, so we combined all three in perfect harmony from the moment we opened our doors.

Good Vibes Matter

From the moment our first customers walked through the door, we knew we’d made the right choice. We greeted them, they took their seats, and the rest was history. The food went down well, the good vibes were there for all to see, and we started thinking about how to make it even more special.

When we thought about what we really wanted when we eat out, we realized it was personal service. Amazing food is expected, but it’s the service that really brings the good vibes to life. We started customizing our dishes, adding a little extra sauce, sprinkling on a little more flavor, and doing everything we could to put a smile on every face.

Let the Good Times Roll

When you step through the door at SushiMe Roll’n there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re in for a good time. The food, the drink, and the atmosphere all combine to create an evening you’ll never forget. Whether it’s just the two of you, a huge family celebration, or anything else in between, we can’t wait to show you to your seats and do what we do best.

Whether you want a few extra bits on the side, a little less seasoning, or a whole load of extra sauce, we bring the fun so the good times keep on roll'n. We’re committed to spreading the good vibes far and wide by adding some stylish merch to your wardrobe, and searching for new locations in other bustling cities.

All you need to do is take your seat, and let us serve you up something special.